How can I load all modules in a plugin, vs checking them off one by one?

I’ve looked at the documentation and it doesn’t seem to say how to do this.

How do you add all the modules for a plugin?

It looks like you have to check off every module individually in order to get the whole plugin-in’s modules.

Is there a way I’m missing to add an entire plugin’s modules the way it used to work?

Are asking about download into your library? Can you Subscribe or Add all on the Plugins page?


Do you mean the subscribing like @Alphagem-O showed (which afaik can only be done for the entire plugin collection now, it was an announced change) or loading them into a patch?

For the later: ctrl+alt+shift+F2


WOW. Where could I have found this info ?

EDIT found it :


That sounds neat! Do you have a step-by-step?

When I try CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F2 from the patch surface, nothing happens.

When trying it from the module selection surface, VCV Rack crashes every time.

I’m on Windows 10 and both 2.4.1 and 2.5.1. put all the modules I see in the MB after I make a selection f.i. “Bog Seq” into my project with ctrl+alt+shift+F2.

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Ok, works now, thank you much!

It is key to narrow down the number of displayed modules first.

I had no term in the search, brand or tags fields, so it was showing all my modules. This probably overwhelmed the system and caused the crash when hitting ctrl+alt+shift+F2.

Thank you @dreamer and @Yeager for the tip!


No, it was a question where Andrew tested the waters, but it’s not implemented and sadly you can still add/remove individual modules.


Aah sorry, misunderstood it then. I do get that it would simplify the backend if you can only subscribe to whole collections, though.

Not only that but would also simplify it for users, and it has given rise to a ton of user support and confusion. It’s just not a good design, the current one.


Yes, it’s bad. I still struggle to find the option I want, and I finally know that I want to find it.

I wondered how to display the modules I had, in order to clean up a bit… Thanks to your exchange, I found it! LIBRARY > SHOW OWNED.

Thanks everyone! Alain


MB = Module Browser


Where is that? In a web browser, or the Rack app, or what?

On the library web site, under plugins

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Oh, there. I rarely see that view of the library.

I usually am browsing , I’ll see an interesting module, then click on that module’s link to the plugin it belongs to, and then hit “Subscribe”.