How can I a set the next running sequence?

I started learning about VCV rack recently so I’m still trying to figure out the basic concepts. I suspect there is a better way to do what I’m trying here.

I want to change a sequence but only after finishing the one that is in progress.

Here I try to do that by sending CV to the SEQ# input of the sequencer on the right. My idea is to set the note on the first step of the left sequencer to select a sequence on the right one. With this I want to change the sequence on the next run. It does change the sequence but only for one step and then it goes back to sequence 1. So it seems that I need to change all steps to the same note. But that will break what I’m trying to do here as I want to make the change on the first step only.

I can remove the cable after the change is applied but is there a different way to do this?

In general is there a way to delay a change till the next loop/sequence run? Similar to how Reason Redrum pattern selector works.

with that sequencer i’d use song mode. That lets you program a sequence of sequences.

Let’s say I want to change the sequence on the fly manually through the UI or a midi controller. How can I change the sequence on the next run so I don’t interrupt the running sequence?

For this unfortunately you will have to you Foundry intstead, with its expander. The SEQ cv contol is on the expander, and there is a switch called SYNC SQ# which, when in top position, will sync seq changes at the end of sequences only.

There is also this setting in the main module’s menu, to determine how the SEQ# cv input behaves, and there are three options, the first two are direct control (indexing), while the last one (Trig-Incr) will make the sequencer advance to the next sequence with a trigger instead.



Thanks Marc! That worked.

However I found one issue. Sometimes when I change the sequence, the sequencer on the right runs through all 32 steps for one time and then go backs to the selected length (in this case 8). I noticed that it happens always when I select sequence 7 or 8 and sometimes for smaller sequence numbers.

I use C2-D7# Seq CV in level.

Could you send me the patch please? It will be quicker for me to debug with your exact setup of the clock and the sequencers.

It seems I can’t upload files as I’m a new user. Here is a link:

Another solution would be to use a sequencer with an End-Of-Cycle (or end-of-pattern) output, and use that as a trigger for a sample-and-hold that samples your pattern choice, e.g. something like this:

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From what I can tell, in the right Foundry, sequences 2, 7 and 8 all have 32 steps, so when you have selected (and are playing) one of those, it’s normal to go through the 32 steps before changing to another sequence that you may have selected while those long ones were playing . I noticed that only sequences 1, and 3 to 6 have length 8 in the right sequencer.

If I understood correctly, the sequencer on the left, with a 1 step sequence, was used via its onboard keyboard only to select the sequences to play in the right sequencer, for debugging.

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Ah yes, right. How did I miss that…?! Sorry about that Marc. Thanks again and thank you for all the great work you are doing!


No worries, cheers! And thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will try this also.

Yes, that works too. I just used /8 clock so I can use this with any sequencer. Thanks!