Hosting FL studio plugin in VCV and no sync

I send start\Reset and clock to the host module with fl plugin loaded but It doesn’t sync and play along … any tips ?

I did the same setup with groove agent plugin and it worked as intended so I’m probably missing some setting in FL ? any tips ?

I only intend to use the midi out from FL as master sequencer but I still need VCV to be master clock for it to sync with a bunch of sequencer modules in vcv.

Someone managed to get start/stop working in flstudio vsti in Host?

Not yet, also according to a FB post, in the official VCV Rack User Group. Unfortunately, this forum does not allow posting FB links.

I used to use it in V1 using loopMIDI. I haven’t used it in V2 but it should work the same. Here’s a link for a tutorial I wrote up a while back. Fl Studio within Host

I just noticed that the link doesn’t work if embeded in the post. Here’s the link in text. If it doesn’t work, shoot me a PM and I can email you the pdf.

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Thank you for your instruction agentf64 ! I think this will forward me in my quest! With your method I could make the start/stop work in FL, but not always, which I find a bit strange…

Will dig this further out :wink:

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Tried it on a stronger pc and this method works flawless! Grateful to Agentf64!

Glad it worked out!

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