Host: Audio Unit support planned?

@Vortico Hi Andrew, Any plans to support Audio Units (including “.aupreset” loading) in Host? I ask because my many years worth of custom presets are all in “.aupreset” format. Reason being they’re much easier to manage than dozens of different proprietary plugin preset systems.

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We currently have no plans to support Audio Units in VCV Host on Mac.

There is a 3rd party VST made by Blue Cat Audio called PatchWork that I think will load AU.

It comes in many different plugin formats but it is somewhat expensive. Worth the expense imo very useful features built in. overview video

There is also some free VST tools that load AU/VST3 etc but I never used them so I do not know how stable they will be in Host.

Has this changed? why not wrap your VST so that it will work for Logic users?

VCV Host is for hosting plugins in VCV Rack. It has nothing to do with Logic.

See VCV - Host for a complete description of VCV Host.