Host and Elektron

Hey all,

Just wondering if any one has any joy with the Elektron Heat and Host FX module before I splash the cash on it. I’m using a MacBook Air M1. I want to use it to process some channels, maybe as a send on a mixer, I’m assuming it will run on Rosetta just fine and for what I need?

If anyone knows, even on PC I’d much appreciate a reply!

I’m confused. Heat is hardware, Host FX is for running plugin software effects. I don’t know how many I/O the Heat has, but if you wanted to process different VCV parts through external kit you’d just need an interface with multiple hardware outs, no? Or am I missing something… :thinking:

Heat has a Vst portion separate from the audio interface that allows you to process with the distortion amps within software. Like any normal Vst except you get the analogue goodness. Look up overbridge unless you telling me something I don’t understand, which is highly likely!

Ah I wondered about that. I even searched for elektron + heat + plugin and didn’t see it. In that case, I’m not sure how it works but if it’s compatible with the VST standard it should be fine. I’ve used hundreds of different plugins, both free and commercial and haven’t found any that don’t work with Host.


Yeah I’m fairly confident it’ll work, I’m just wondering how it will handle it as the Heat is also my sound interface for my Macbook, due to the translation layer of Rosetta on the Apple Silicon and Overbidge can be a bit finicky or at least it used to be. Cheers for your replies though, don’t wanna waste £30 if avoidable!

Just here to say Overbridge Heat works just fine. But I have another question which I’ll ask in separate thread regarding the Digitone.