Hora snare module (paid) problem.

lately i have been experiencing problems with the Hora snare module. i have the paid version and im talking about the red one (not the other one with the Vult filter).

i created some small snare patches to sample. usually something simple like the snare an AD and some distortion or a Host fx module into Rackwindows Interstage then output. these patches were working fine but now none of them will function correctly. when i open them my interface metering maxes out and there are only clicks and pops. the snare will not play. this only happens with the Hora snare patches. it used to only happen once in awhile and re-opening the patch usually solved the problem but now none of the patches will open properly.

i have tried everything i can think of to figure out what is causing this but havent had any luck.

anyone else experience this?

Well I experienced (still) some NAN outputs from some of the (FREE) Hora modules, but as you said restarting Rack usually solves the problem.

well good to know im not the only one although restarting the patch no longer seems to work me.

@Raph It is still problem that snare modules(FREE) outputs NaN on patch startup breaking signal chain down the line e.g. if it goes to mixer, silencing audio output. relevant topic


i tried to reproduce this issue on windows 10 by closing and opening VCV but i wasn’t able to.

I can reproduce with this patch in macOS 10.15.7

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I once worked on a Javascript compiler. All those crazy things are actually in the language spec. I remember having to implement function foo(a, a, a, a, a) { return a; }

same with paid version. still having problems with this on mac 10.14.6 and 10.15.7.


Sorry I’m not very often on the forum but the good news is than it is solved for the coming V2.0. It seems than it was a non initialised variable (maybe resulting from my lattest code update). When initialised with a very large value one of the integrator was rising endlessly.

Really really sorry for the delay and thank you very much for the report.


Hi @Raph

If you don’t mind me sort of hijacking this thread. But also about the drum modules.

The drum modules with the samples in them. In windows the names of the samples selected with sample rotator knob are corresponding correctly.

But on Mac the names do not correspond with the samples that are selected.

Do you think there will be a fix for this?

All the best, Latif

Hi Latif,

The problem doesn’t occur on every mac, the dev who compile and test the plugins for mac doesn’t encounter this problem.

As this seems pretty difficult to fix, if I don’t find what’s wrong, I will porbably use wav files (instead of raw PCM) just like I did for the erica synths pico drums.

If you’re OK I can send you it once I think I’ve fixed the problem (if I find what’s wrong).


Ok thanks,

Yeah it has been a long standing issue, with like you stated a weird sometimes repeatable problem.

I will send you a DM about this.