Hora Plugins

I try to download the HORA Stereo Mixer. The VCV Rack Library redirects me to the HORA Homepage and when I push the download button on HORA-Homepage, it redirects me to the VCV-Rack Library.

If you subscribe on the VCV Library page, it will show in the Library menu in VCV Rack the next time you start it. Select Update and Rack will download it.

The are also some instructions at the bottom of the Library homepage

VCV Library Instructions

  • Download and install VCV Rack.
  • Register for a VCV account and log in using Rack’s “Library” menu.
  • Subscribe to a plugin, relaunch Rack, and click “Library > Update all” in the menu bar.
    • Adding individual modules will be allowed when Rack v2 is released, since this relies on its module whitelist feature. Until then, you must subscribe to the entire plugin.
  • Restart Rack and add the new module(s) to your patch.

Thank you! That works!