Hora mixer volume sliders won't move

Hi, I’m new to VCV Rack. I’m following a video tutorial using Hora Mixer. When I try to change a track volume, the slider doesn’t move. A right-click on it shows the module context menu and not the slider value/initialize button like on other sliders. Only the two FX level sliders are working as expected. Everything is up to date and running on Manjaro Linux. Thanks for any help =)

Hi, here on windows and Linux work flawlessly to me, all the knob and sliders are working…

seems like a video driver issue? install the lasted driver to your video hardware

try disable “Lock cursor while dragging” in the View menu

Thanks for your answer. I already have lastest nvidia drivers installed, and disabling Lock cursor while dragging didn’t fix it. Every other controls in same or other modules work fine, only those sliders do not…

Doesn’t work for me either, on arch if that makes any difference.

send bug report to dev… (info should be in the right-click menu)