Hora drum sequencer / clock input question.

Hello, recently purchased the Hora sequencers pack and am stumped on what seems to be a very simple task so just thought I’d ask if anyone here has the same module and if they can shed some light on it.

I have a clockd module going to the hora’s clock in but the tempo seems to be divided by around 4 but not exactly. I have brought up other sequencer modules in line to compare and clockd sends accurate signals to them and the timing is as expected ex. 120 bpm is 120 bpm. On the Hora 120 seems to be closer to 30. ( Note when removing the cable and running of the internal clock the bpms seem to be accurate )

If this were just a division issue I would send it to a clock / * and multiply by 4 but I tried that as well and the sync is still off / random feeling.

Am I missing something are there known issues with these modules, I tried to contact the dev via support but it’s dark. It’s a shame because I really wanted to replicate that 808 feeling ( used to own a couple ) in VCV.


I do not have the module, but does it have/expect a ppqn setting? (Pulse per quarter note) E.g. Ppqn = 4 means it expects 4 pulses per quarter note/beat. If the clock is sending ppqn=1, then it will react 4 times slower

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Thank you Koen! I don’t see anything in the sequencer doc about its ppqn settings / expectations but that would make sense. Also thank you for making the Ppqn concept very clear, I keep coming across it on manuals / posts but didn’t really understand the concept.

So 2 questions in this scenerio would the acceptable solution be to just multiply a clock output? Also is this standard for most sequencers in VCV ( this is the only one I have seen so far but have not tried a bunch )

Thanks again.

Just take the clock from Clk2 output (lower right part of the Impromtu module) look’s like it’s multiplied by 4, so should give you the desired 1/16 note pulse for clocking Hora. Also check the right-click menu of Hora if there is clock setting preferences- sorry I don’t have this module to be certain

Thank you! Editing this because I figured it out. In case anyone else is using the sequencer and has the same issue:

If you are going to use an external clock you need to right click and disable swing / ratcheting. if you do this your clock will sync to the standard clock out on clockd for example.

If you do not disable it you end up having to 4x your clock ( easy in clockd ) as it seems to be expecting 4ppqn but still lags a note or 2 behind and as far as I can tell can not be accurately synced.


Just a wild guess:

Can you change the ppqn of Hora? 4 pulses per beat is not a very high resolution. Some sequencers can go up to x8, x16, x32 etc

A tempo detection is done measuring the difference between 2 pulses, so it will never be instantanious when clocking externally. With a ppqn of 4 this means it will take “half” a beat before it changes. With a higher resolution/ppqn this will go faster and will make a transition quicker.

Hope it helps!