HolonicSystems 1.03 update not working

Does anyone get the HolonicSystems 1.03 update on a mac? Its shown at the manager but does not update when you click on it?

On Windows also…

Linux too.

Working okay on windows 10 for me.

Same problem for me on two different macs. Somebody should file a bug report or something.

Same problem here on Windows 10.

Here on Win 10 everything is fine,
but the updated modules show in the module browser only after the second restart of VCV.

It is the same with all updates from today here.

From my log:

25.253 info src/plugin.cpp:418] Downloading plugin HolonicSystems-Free 1.0.3 win
[25.447 warn src/plugin.cpp:423] Plugin HolonicSystems-Free download was unsuccessful

I just compiled it locally and looks like the dist zip is named “HolonicSystems-Free-1.0.3-win” vs “HolonicSystems-Free 1.0.3 win” in the error above. Anyway I copied it over and no more red dot.

He knows…

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It’s fixed. I just updated and it finalized.

works now here! Thank You !