high cpu usage (up to 90%) module: AUDIO-8. MacBook Pro

can somebody help me? MacBook Pro 15, Early 2013 i7 2.6GHz 8GB ram

Hello and welcome to the forum. The Audio Core module CPU reading, works the other way around.

You are actually seeing how much CPU you have left.

Pretty sure that’s been changed now. For example:

Before adding portland weather: image

After adding portland weather: image

EDIT: Just noticed they’re running 1.1.1 for some reason.

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It was true that the Audio module’s CPU meter was effectively a “how much you have left” meter until Rack 1.1.4, when it changed to work the same way for all modules.

@vybukhivka, you’re using 1.1.1, which is about a year out of date - you might want to upgrade.


omg… thank you!

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