Hidden Modules - throwing an idea into the aether

I was reading Removing ability to add individual modules on VCV Library - #47 by ale47p

I’m assuming most of us who are in the dev channel who have shipped a module with an addition think ‘yes’ but looking at the users who use hiding made me think

anyway i have a dumb test module which is hidden in bacon plugs so i can write stuff. Today I made it do this in the process block

      auto v = inputs[INPUT_0].getVoltage();
        if (v > 2)
            getModel()->hidden = false;
            getModel()->hidden = true;

and when i gate the input it is in the module browser and when i ungate it it is not

then i noticed that the plugin list and model list was and accessible object in the api

then i looked at the long list of stuff i have to do and thought “I will just share this as an observation with the dev community who i bet will draw the same conclusion I did” and leave it there :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to hide extension modules until the mother-module is added?

For example docB C42E could be hidden in the browser library until I add at least one C42 to my patch?

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Well that wasn’t the idea I had but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be worth exploring

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