Hidden Dracula tune?

Towards the end of the video, the Dracula tune pops up… and I haven’t programmed it…

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach)

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So u ‘found’ the Hidden organ sound on the Pico drums module not sure it’s meant to be there but always a bonus when it kicks in-hehe. Always thought it was the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ organ from Lon Chaney’s era.

Is there a way NOT to find the organ on the Pico drums ? :wink:

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Scream Dracula Scream by Wesley Willis is a worse glitch because I don’t think Dracula has a temper folks. One dracula another dracula seen em all. That’s probably why it appeared.

I have no idea how sample program change is achieved… this completely blows my mind away…

It gets better - you can load your own samples or use sample packs prepared by other people;

Would these work in Rack though or only hardware? Thanks for finding this.

The drum samples are in the Erica plugin’s res folder under drum_samples. I guess you could replace them with whatever 64 WAV files you wish…

Yeah the browser programmer thing is probably for hardware but it has some sample libraries so if you can figure out how to download the WAV files you can add those.