Hi Hat Choke Ideas

Hello all

Any ideas on a simple hit hat choke? I have two samplers playing a closed and open, and I want the closed to choke the open. I have tried CF Choke, but it gives some distortion when choking. Not sure why. Maybe I’m not using it correctly. Would love to hear any other options…

ADSR on choke

Can you say a bit more please…

current peak

Mate… I’m sure you know a lot… but that’s not helpful… thanks anyway…

Just control the transients

Maybe try the Sickocell Drumplayer modules, these hold several samples and allow choke between adjacent channels.


Thanks. Just had a quick look at that. Seems like a good option, but I loose a lot of functionality that the Lomas Advanced Sampler brings. Need a option to choke the two samplers I’m using.


You could use a more feature rich sampler like Sickocell SickoSampler or send the Lomas thru the Drummer choke/accent module.


I would route both sample outputs through a 2in 1out switch, and then use the closed hihat gate to switch it. The one from bogaudio will work well.


Use Befaco Percall?


I am surprised you are getting distortion with CV Choke. I have had success with it. Maybe there is distortion and I just never noticed - I don’t know.

This topic is timely. Just yesterday I was working on use cases for my Venom Bernoulli Switch, and a hat choke was one I came up with.

You probably can use a MIX module instead of the OR gate, but the LOGIC module guarantees the gate/trigger low state is a clean 0 Volts, and the high state 10 Volts.

The ORed hat triggers trigger the Bernoulli Switch in Swap mode. The open hat audio goes to channel A, and the closed to channel B. The probability is set to 0% with the closed hat trigger patched to the Probability modulation. So if the open hat only triggers, then the A (open hat) audio is sent to the A output. But if the closed hat is triggered (with or without the open hat), then the swap probability is 100% so the B (closed hat) audio is sent to output A.

That is not reliable, especially if triggers are used instead of gates. Sure the closed trigger will choke the open, but only for as long as the closed trigger is high. The open hat is likely still sounding when the closed trigger goes low, and you will get unwanted open hat trails.


Yeah, I should have tried it before posting. You’re absolutely correct. By the way, I love using your Bernoulli Switch for hi hats.

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Ah, I forgot to mention, you can enable the Bernoulli Switch’s Audio Process: Antipop crossfade option in the module context menu. Normally I would think it is not necessary with something as chaotic as a hi hat, but it might improve the sound a bit.

Use an XOR on the two triggers for the sound you want to choke

That works if the open hat sound dies before the next closed hat trigger. But if it is still ringing than you will get the tail of the open hat playing while the closed hat is struck.


You can use this module from Sickozell. It’s not a sampler, so you can still use the Lomas sampler, and just send the audio through it.


Thanks for all the input everyone. I went with the befaco percall. It just worked and offered two choke groups.


You made a good choice there is no doubt.
I just wanted to make a comparison, nothing more.
If your need is only to have a module to perform the choke, and you are sensitive to the CPU load, you could reconsider the drummer module, which also allows you two choke groups, plus you can also manage the accents.
However Befaco Percall certainly allows you to do many more things and is smaller.

Edit: sorry I took drummer4+ as example, the simple drummer4 is even smaller