Help with alt/"shift" midi map functions

I have run out of knobs to midi map on my novation launch control xl. I have two instances of the same module in my patch (bog “polyoff 8”).

Is there a way to have two knobs on my launch control mapped to the first two knobs on the first polyoff8, and then if I hold down a button on my launch control as a “shift” button could those same two knobs then be routed to the second instance of the polyoff8 ?

I can imagine a way to do it “all analog” style with several modules and a router etc but is there a cleaner/more efficient way with midi mapping/stoermelder/other stuff I’m ignorant on?


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No. The problem is that none of the mapping modules available allow for a control to be used as a modifier in conjunction with another.

Best I could come up with was using 8FACE linked to MIDI-CAT to switch between different mapping sets and a button trigger mapped to a button on the launch control controlling the 8FACE with trigger CV.

Here I had Trummor2 and Prok’s BD that I could layer and modulate throughout a set. I made two map sets in MIDI-CAT mapped to the first column on the Launch Control. Three knobs, a fader and a mute button for each module. Then I’d map the very bottom button on the Launch Control in column 1 to the button module so I could switch between the two mapping profiles on the fly.

I decided to use a MIDI-CAT and 8FACE for each column on the midi controller because trying to scroll through and manage/troubleshoot a list of 50 mappings was not a good experience. Having a shorter list makes it easy to see what’s what at a glance. This gave me control of up to 16 modules using only 8 controls groups with the option of expanding even further with additional map sets.

I limited myself to one column per module, but you can organize depending on your patch and needs of course.

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