Help! VCV Rack Crashes Non-stop

I’m having a terrible time with Rack on my Mac Pro. It’s a 12-core Xeon system with 32 GB of RAM running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6. The Rack version is 1.1.4. It starts up just fine, but crashes immediately after the first few mouse clicks, no matter what they are (Library update, File Open, etc.). The Activity Monitor indicates that Rack is consuming almost all of CPU. The odd thing is that Voltage Modular works just fine on this system.

I also have Rack 1.1.4 on another Mac Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6 on a 6-core CPU, which is not crashing, as well as on a MacBook Pro running Mojave.

Any thoughts on why Rack is not happy on my most powerful hardware? Where would I start looking for the root cause(s)? Thanks!

Take a look at log.txt or post it here.

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Do you have My Little Tools plug-in installed? There are reports of it crashing Rack 1.1.4

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I do! I noticed it causes repeated update notices, but never completes. I’ll try deleting the plugin folder.

I deleted My Little Tools from the Plugins folder, but VCV Rack still shows it wanting to update under Library (red dot is showing as well). Is there something else I need to do?

uncheck the button in the library.

Sorry - I don’t see any buttons in the Library that are checked. My Little Tools v1.0.2 is the last line in the dropdown menu - clicking it triggers an “update” that Rack thinks is complete (check mark appears). Upon restart My Little Tools v1.0.2 reappears, but nothing is checked.

Uncheck the button here: (this website is the plugin “Library”)
After that, remove the plugin from your plugins-v1 folder and it should be properly removed next time you start Rack.


Ah! THAT button! Thanks, Adam!

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