help - v2 does start

I updated my AMD drivers and now V2 doesn’t start. Here is the ending of the log files where the error begins. How do I fix this??

[0.014 info adapters/standalone.cpp:169 main] Initializing audio [0.014 info src/rtaudio.cpp:244 RtAudioDriver] Creating RtAudio WASAPI driver [0.014 info src/network.cpp:201 requestDownload] Requesting download [0.047 info src/rtaudio.cpp:259 RtAudioDriver] Found RtAudio WASAPI device 0: Speakers (Focusrite Usb Audio) (0 in, 2 out) [0.198 fatal adapters/standalone.cpp:49 fatalSignalHandler] Fatal signal 22. Stack trace: 16: 0x0 15: raise 0x7ffad846abe0 14: abort 0x7ffad846f1e0 13: ZN9__gnu_cxx27__verbose_terminate_handlerEv 0x7ffa9ad0f4c0 12: ZN10__cxxabiv111__terminateEPFvvE 0x7ffa9ad05cd0 11: ZSt9terminatev 0x7ffa9adf78d0 10: _cxa_throw 0x7ffa9ae00670 9: ZN5RtApi5errorEN12RtAudioError4TypeE 0x7ffa5963fa20 8: ZN11RtApiWasapi13getDeviceInfoEj 0x7ffa5964b870 7: ZN4rack13RtAudioDriverC1EN7RtAudio3ApiE 0x7ffa5967dee0 6: ZN4rack11rtaudioInitEv 0x7ffa591dd070 5: ZN4rack11rtaudioInitEv 0x7ffa591dd070 4: ZN4rack11rtaudioInitEv 0x7ffa591dd070 3: ZN4rack11rtaudioInitEv 0x7ffa591dd070 2: ZN4rack11rtaudioInitEv 0x7ffa591dd070 1: BaseThreadInitThunk 0x7ffad8397020 0: RtlUserThreadStart 0x7ffad8e42630

Not one reply. Good thing I am not depending on this for a performance. So much for paid support.

Did you write to or used the support-function on the website?

This is a forum of VCV-Users and sometimes the users around here don’t know the answer to a problem…

First thing I would try is to downgrade your graphics driver to the earlier version.

I know, it’s too late and obious: Never update anything with an upcoming performance.

From the call stack, the issue looks like it’s with an audio driver, not graphics.

I’d try unplugging the FocusRite (and other audio hardware) to help isolate where the trouble is.

Hi Shof,

Apologies that you’re experiencing this issue. I replied to your support email in under two hours of you sending your request, please let me know if you haven’t received it.

The VCV Community forum is a place where VCV Rack users can help other users.

For support from VCV, go to VCV - Support.

I have received nothing from anyone except here

Can you check your spam folder please, I replied 102 minutes after your email. I was asking for your full log. As suggested earlier in this thread, my next step would have also been to see if Rack crashes without the Focusrite installed to see if that was the cause.

That was the first thing I did. Don’t worry about it. I rolled back my entire system to a previous state and everything works now.

Okay, let us know if the issue re-occurs when you’re ready to retry updating.