Help troubleshooting specific patch crashing VCV rack

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using VCV rack for a little while now and I really love it. I have a patch I have been working with recently that I am quite happy with. The problem is that recently it will not open. I added an LFO module to the patch, it was working, then VCV crashed. Now it crashes whenever I open that patch. Any ideas? I would attach the patch but I’m a new user and cannot attach files. Am I just screwed here? I don’t want to lose my progress on this patch.


patches - autosave.vcv for example - are just text files (json to be exact), you can open them with a text editor, also you could paste it here as any message, or even better, by using `` around it

so it will be shown like this

usually you can delete individual modules by hand, if the file itself isnt corrupted.

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Great, that fixed the issue, I manually removed the LFO module. Good thing those webdev classes in college counted for something :slight_smile:

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Just curious … what LFO was causing this ?

I wouldn’t assume it’s the cause. Could very well be adding that LFO just happened to trigger a crash in some other module. I’ve seen plenty of cases here where it was not obvious which module was the culprit.

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You are right, but when you’re bughunting you have to start somewhere :smiley:

for sure. crash dump would be useful… Would “be nice” if VCV could upload all crash dumps and send them to devs, like microsoft used to do :wink:



if you have the time, I am sure that the developer of that LFO would find it useful if you’d report the bug for them in one way or another.

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It was the Nozori_84_LFO version 1.1.7. I’d be happy to submit a bug report if possible. Where are those logs placed?

It was the Nozori_84_LFO version 1.1.7

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you can find contact info for modules in the library, afaik nozoid is not active on this forum, but they have a github repo and email link here

i’m still betting it’s someone else…

I think most of the Nozoïd modules need 96khz Bitrate. Maybe that is the problem?

It very well might be but as @Yeager said, you have to start somewhere.

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