Help Recreating a rack

Hi I am new to modular Synths and vcv rack so i was wondering if i could get some help trying to recreate this rack with vcv rack. Hear are the list of modules, could anyone recommend the best thing to replicate.


Top Left to Right:

  1. Light Storm by Strange Electronic prototype led controller
  2. Spherical Wavetable Navigator by 4MS
  3. Fumana by Frap Tools
  4. Roise by Make Noise

Bottom left to right:

  1. Ears (1) by Mutable Instruments
  2. Mult by Intellijel
  3. Ears (2) by Mutable Instruments
  4. Chronoblob2 by Alright Instruments
  5. Stereo Trigger Sampler by 4MS
  6. Black XFade by Erica Synths
  7. Planar2 by Intellijel
  8. Verb by 2hp
  9. Overseer by WMD

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

Could be a combination of a few modules that can replicate this.

There is a good few of these. AS free pack, bogaudio, Vult (free), luckyxxl to name a few

Thank you so much for you help