Help on PCB design for Eurorack

Hi all,

well, after writing a lot of DSP code and doing some panel design for my Lindenberg modules I started to prototype some hardware modules targeting the Eurorack system with the future goal to have a powerful DSP engine running on hardware rack. But for the first run I designed a USB MIDI to CV interface board based on Teensy 4.0, some 12bit DACs an I2C display and a rotary encoder. Since I grew up in software land this is quite new to me and after learning a lot about designing schematics and PCBs I finished an alpha version of the board.

Now I need some help verifying the design and the PCB layout and routing, it would be very nice if some experienced creators could take a look :slight_smile:

I know it is quite off topic, but currently I do not know where to ask for assistance and here it still seems the best place.

Thank you in advance, Patrick