Help needed with stoermelder Transit

So I am trying to advance from one slot to the next in Transit using Expired Time by NYSTHI. Alarm 1 will go through and make Transit change from slot 1 to slot 2. However, event timer 2 will not go through, and thus Transit does not advance to slot 3. I would assume that if Transit’s input is not polyphonic, then naturally that is the reason why it does not work. Is there a work-around so I can have the slot change at the specific time I want? Or did I just patch it incorrectly? :sweat_smile:

Thanks, – Dave

No, TRANSIT does not support polyphonic inputs. Feel free to open a feature request on my Github repository.
In the meantime, try it this way: Set TRANSIT to “C4” for the SEL port and configure Nysthi’s Fixed Voltage Source to “Semitones”.

That worked! Thanks for the help :smile:

hey Ben @stoermelder, I’ve run into an issue with Transit and 8Face.

[first off im assuming user error] I don’t know what im doing wrong, but on both Transit and 8Face when im saving a snapshot, the second slot on both won’t save anything. all the other slots save in data just fine.

what could I be doing wrong.