Help - making an illuminated knob

tried putting an LED under the knob but the knob is not transparent. did discover that the area around the knob gets a small amount of illumination - well done Andrew ! ! !

is there an easy way to make the knob transparent?

or any source code that demonstrates this kind of functionality?

thanks, bill

Typically you’d implement illuminated knobs by placing a light above a knob. Can you post a screenshot that demonstrates why you want to put a light under a knob?

Not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve but take a look at Audible Instruments meta modulator - it has a big lit knob.

Here is what I was trying to accomplish. I did it by putting the light behind the knob but deleting the circular part of the knob and just leaving the pointer line.

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I’d just make a ModuleLightWidget subclass and keep the bgColor as transparent. Then place it above the knob.

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Looks good!

Please be aware of the VCV ethics guidelines though:

You won’t be able to call your module ‘Korg SQ-1’ for example unless you have Korg’s explicit permission to do so. There are plenty of VCV modules which are ‘inspired’ by hardware though so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to make your module fit within the guidelines.

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I know I cant release it like this but thought I would attempt to make it as close as possible to the original. was thinking of calling it the “BORG AS-1”. hopefully it would assimilate other modules to gain functionality. :wink: also, then it would be futile to resist using it.


As half of MindMeld, I must protest in the strongest possible terms against any introduction of the Borg to VCV. Do you realise how dangerous that technology is?? In just a few weeks, all 2,700 modules could be assimilated under the Borg brand and the Federation itself could be at risk!.


after changing it all the knobs stopped working. I guess resistance is futile !!