Help making 0-15min slew

Is there a way to use Shapemaster as an adjustable slew for incoming voltage? I’m trying to add an adjustable slew to the volume faders on the mixer module (which I control from a midi controller, Novation Launch Nontrol XL) and I’d like the slew to be adjustable from 0.25 sec to 15 minutes

Comparing the (few) slew limiters in my arsenal, I’d like to suggest the module µSLEW from NYSTHI. Turned all the way up it’ll provide 0.01 CV/s, which would result in roughly 16.7 minutes slewing from 0 V to 10 V. It also can be controlled via CV.

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one wonders if the “seriously slow envelope generator” from Frozen Wasteland would to the job?

I’m actually interested in this, I’ll have to try µSLEW. Here’s a piece I made a long time ago with the glide function on a piano roll sequencer in Caustics 3, the bass voice is monophonic and there’s a fun note slide towards the end at 50 seconds: 170419 RSITF 07.wav

I actually just posted a topic on a piano roll with glide functionality here, would be amazing to be able to have a more user friendly implementation of slew with a sequencer in VCV Rack:

Piano roll with glide - module or VST

uSlew is now what i’m using, however when both knobs are turned to the maximum, the module freezes, i have to turn it almost all the way up to get the most slew possible.

Thanks for the tip. I made this thing :slight_smile: