Help! Can`t open any project。

From Yesterday. My VCV Rack can`t open any project file .

when you open a *.VCV file.It seems nothing happen. why?

but you can add new modular in the empty space and save. and can read the modular list.

but if you save it . and to open it. It seems nothing happen. and when you open the former VCV files(i have 500x files in the past six years( .It seems nothing happen too.

i uninstall it ,and reinstall it . it seems too.

Very strange.

is there anything to do to solve it? very important.

Thank you very much。

which system are you on? version?

files from 6 years ago are not from current version and they COULD have problems

first thing: are somehow other instances of Rack running in background?

Win 10.

both vcv 1.1.6 and 2.4.1.

no other instances of Rack.

the problem is : you can open vcv rack. but you can`t open any vcv files in vcv.

when you open open vcv rack.everything is fine.

you can create new files.edit. add.and do everything in vcv`s fine too.

and you can save the project.

but when you try to open a vcv file .it seems nothing happen.

really nothing happen.

i never see such thing happen in past six years.

ok, I can’t help, sorry

Check if you can open the template patch that comes with Rack. If that opens, then any patch should open, you would just have to move your patches to the same folder where the template patch is or where Rack is installed.

By double clicking the .vcv file (in the windows file browser) ?

double clicking the .vcv file (in the windows file browser) or open it in vcv rack,the same thing. nothing happen.

Maybe it’s time to go here :

Good luck.