Heavy hitter bass and resonance sounds

what Oscillators do you recommend for super insane saw resonating slightly out of tune bass sounds? i chained four oscillators together of many many different plugins so far and i can’t get that same fat bass i get w a real Korg or Massive.

ideas appreciated. goal is that slightly moving wicked bass oscillator battle. Stg soundlabs seems to have it the best hardware i’ve heard in this video about 9:20 in. he separates the two by an octave and a fifth.

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I always tend to go for vult bleak or lindenberg woldemar. That may be just out of habit though. What plugins have you tried?

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Not necessarily a “super insane saw resonating slightly out of tune bass sound”, but I tend to use EvenVCO (Befaco) or Palm Loop Oscillator (21kHz) with Tangents (Vult) for my bass sounds. Add an envelope to modulate Tangents’ cutoff/'resonance, crank the drive, and you have a killer bass sound, especially if you double it in octaves or fifths


The E340 Cloud generator.

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dag my bad i’m still living in the reaper world not vcv. i’ve tried a bunch of oscillators like Audible, Core, Bogaudio, not all of them by any stretch. i need to try the FM operator again but first the recommended stuff from this thread. doing that today

i’d start with squinky labs ev3, which is an optimized version of the befaco even vco times 3.


What about SquinkyLabs Saw ? It´s the “original reece oscillator” and gives this sound by default.

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I made a sound file with a comparison of all of these bad boy oscillators. Put them in a pair and took them to about C# … not sure why C#. This was a lot of fun I learned what I like and don’t like.

So far, in this first check I like the Lindenberg Woledemar 1st and the Befaco Even a close second… but every one was really good sounding so this list was very good. What do you think of the sounds? I was impressed when I looked up the Befaco, its a copy of the real hardware - very interesting to look at. Are all of those based on a real hardware unit?

Put this on soundcloud for ease, ignore my noob ‘music’ …ehehehaa. long learning ahead.

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