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First patch with rack 2…


VCV as a VST #1


Nice, like a lullaby.

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Based on a single idea from @Omri_Cohen , this patch began with turning the resonance up on a filter just before it self-oscillates and then pinging it with a clock gate, making it generate a double percussive sound, once when the gate opens and once when it closes. This percussive rhythm took me to all sorts of places until eventually, Generative Patch #2 was born. I couldn’t stop listening to it while creating it, so I recorded 3 hours of it for anyone else who might also enjoy it’s calm adventure.

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Based on a live stream by Omri Cohen that introduced me to the Orange Line modules, this patch is led by Deja Vu, the Orange Line sequencer. This sequencer allows for random phrases that are then repeatable, hence the name Deja Vu. This affords the listener more discernible musicality as random musical phrases can be repeated together. Wanting to improve my methods of longer evolving modulations for more interesting longer listens, I included even more probability of what notes play during these repetitions. This resulted in a patch that will sometimes be a full-on unified melody with all voices singing loud and proud. Sometimes, a single voice might loudly proclaim their existence over and above the others with an intense stab to the ether. Other times, they will all quiet themselves so they too can listen to the soft thump of the reverb-heavy percussion. I hope you enjoy their combined journeys. Headphones love it.

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