Headless, Pi and thanks

First of, Thank you so much for this piece of software. It’s really powerful and great.

I have been a open source power user (everything in my home is open source) and this project is one of the ‘star’ project of open source, way up there with ‘blender’ and such. And thank you for the community, I opened with a bit of a ‘I’m new new sure what to do’ and got a lot of help without any “RTFM” (which I have read now!!)

I read in some thread that VCV could run on Raspberry pi, and that it might have a headless mode. Now I understand that a lot of the power is taken from the Gui as a good video card helps a lot with the process, so that if it runs headless it might be less intensive on the CPU. I have the audio / midi card PiSound and I realized that if I could run VCV headless, and put my rack on my raspberry pi with the PiSound I would end up with a very powerful module.

Anyone has experimented with the PiSound?


I have just got one but am waiting for Rack v2 to settle down. @hexdump is the author of sonaremin a project designed to take VCV on to the Raspberry Pi but he was waiting for the ABI to stabilise before he started testing. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.


Awesome, I’ll keep an eye on sonaremin before I start experimenting on my own - I think the headless Vcvrack on Rpi could be really an awesome tool. I played with puredata on there, but… yeah… I really want to love pureData but it’s a little too grindy for me in my music.

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