HBBoogie Patches

New here. Been using VCV Rack for about 6 months and I love it. It’s my favorite thing to do when I have free time. (which is a lot right now)

Here are a few small patches I’ve done.

HBB’s Tech House Patch


Verrrrry nice! Where u getting ur vocal samples?

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The vocals are from Loopmaster Ragga Twins Vol.2

Tech N9ne - It’s Alive Remix


Impressive! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Hey Thanks!

Anybody use Entrian Timeline? Im thinking of buying it.

If you look on the left side of my tech n9ne patch, I used a bunch of Impromtu gate sequencers and it has trouble sending a gate on the first step while turning the page of the sequencer at the same time. Idk, maybe I could try changing the size of the gate length on the farthest left gate sequencer?

There was supposed to be another kinda breakdown in the middle of the song but it just won’t send a gate on that first step while its changing the sequence page.

I have it, it is the most similar to an external sequencer of a daw, is pretty good but (and it is a very personal opinion ), use external

I use to start a song using the vcv rack sequencers, but as well the project start to becoming "serious " , the cpu consumption force me to move the sequences to renoise or other sequencer, also beside the sequencer (8 sequencer by default), it come with unlimited vst channels, 8 channel mixer, and loots of tool, using a fraction of the cpu

now , about your music

I love it.


Yeah, I think I’ll buy it. Seems like the more modules I use the more glitch sounds i get. I have a amd ryzen 8 core 3700x and it says im only using %50 of my cpu on a big project but I still get a lot of glitch sounds.

hopefully Timeline can reduce the number of modules I use and make things a little bit easier.

try decreasing the frame rate in the view menu

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Great stuff! :slight_smile: Love it.

Yeah like said, Timeline sequencer is great, if you need to do linear sequencing a lot, it will serve your needs.

Try to decrease the frame rate as suggested, and add a cpu thread from the engine menu.

ps. i have an old Dub patch somewhere, should dust it off, and record it to the tube!

have fun!


Thanks for the tips guys! Seems like it’s running better now.

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Found an old screen grab still sitting on my disk! Uploaded before it gets lost in the next hard disk clean sweep :smiley:

edit: edited this post to make it less intrusive in your personal patch thread, i didn’t think of that when i was posting it the first time, sorry for that!


lol no worries. you could’ve left it here.

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Dub Remix of Rittz - Head Turner