Has anyone tried Intel processors with -"efficiency cores?"

I wonder how the new Intel cpus with two kinds of cores: efficency & high performance.

I wondered how they would work with Rack. Rack tries to use multiple cores & threads to use maximum CPU bandwidth. I don’t know how the new chips allocate cores to a program.

I haven’t seen the details, but unless you can force apps onto the performance cores it sounds like a bad idea. Single core grunt is still more important than multiple cores, particularly with laptops where increasing the cores for VCV uses more power, generates more heat and doesn’t always help.

In Windows, the scheduler assigns threads to the cores and with the E cores you need Win 11 to work correctly. I assume VCV would somehow have to tell the scheduler about it’s preferences. I’ll stick to my i9-9900 for now though I hope to be able try at least an intel 12500 at work soon.