has anyone success with SFZ Player on Linux?

I am trying to use the Squinky Labs SFZ Player module on Linux but only get steady noise as output. Is anyone else able to run SFZ Player (from the VCV Library) on Linux?

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I use the SFZ Player, in Ubuntu, near-constantly, and downloaded the sample you mentioned to verify that it works.

In your screenshot, there are two cables with the ends lit up. I’m guessing that if you connected a volt meter to those ports, it would read “nAn” and restarting Rack would make the issue go away. I get that issue with a number of modules, though not with SFZ Player. Usually a DC Blocker at the output helps prevent it.

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I’ve used it a lot but not recently. Had no problems beyond development issues (I build it from source code), it’s been a champ here at Studio D.

Ubuntu 18.04, btw.

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Yes, adding two DC blockers and restarting Rack helped momentarily.

Prior to restart, both the MIDI-CV velocity out and the SFZ Player out have the “nAn” issue.

After restarting Rack, the piano will play one note and the volt meter displays floating point values:

I would suggest disconnecting velocity for the QWERTY keyboard because it’s not going to give a useful value (it’s a steady 10 volts for me).

As V/Oct and Gate are DC values, so The C Blocker will…you know…block them. That one note is likely a C as that’s 0 volts.

Thanks for figuring this out! Don’t know yet whether I should consider making inputs tolerate nan. Seems kind of nice but maybe not practical? Has anyone logged a bug with the vcv module? Clearly that thing is seriously misbehaving!

I frequently test with a real, but cheap, keyboard. Never use the QWERTY option.

I would never attempt to use QWERTY for a performance, but for the moments when I suddenly need to know the voltage of some particular note (1-5 times/day) it can be convenient.

Oh, I don’t question that, just mentioning that I don’t happen to use it.

Is this solved now? Is there a change desired in SFZ Player? Is the bug in MIDI-CV logged?

Yes, the issue is resolved.

I’ve switched to using regular sequencers with the SFZ player and am off to the races! I’m really looking forward to integrating some piano and other instruments into patches.

Thanks for all of your patience and help @existentia and @Squinky.Labs :smiley:

As a quick follow-up, here is a small, aleatoric piano patch using the SFZ Player:

Ok. I’m traveling ow, so can’t get to vcv or GitHub. Seems like there are still some odd issues on som Linux systems. Will investigate when I get back.