Has anyone implemented Timestretch / Pitchshift?

Has anyone implemented Timestretch / Pitchshift?

Or is anyone working on such kind of modules?

Not actively working on it but theoretically interested (my next plugin is likely focused on MIDI).

Are you looking for:

  • open subject area to invest effort in
  • implementation techniques
  • or modules that you can use?

Path Set’s Ice Tray has this for a description:

Speed shifter and tape delay with selective memory. Perform into this and it will never forget your mistakes.

What about some of the modules with the “granular” keyword? Also samplers with V/Oct inputs.

Tonecarver Blur module can do time stretching and pitch shifting.


Receive up to “Length” seconds of audio (10s max), apply Freeze, then modulate Position to scrub through the buffer. Pitch shifting works best within +/- one octave though the module will do more than that if desired.

I don’t know if I understand it correctly, but I think Clouds and its clones have this kind of feature.


I don’t think I ever used it though…

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Panther By @Patheros and @Omri_Cohen has it

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I thought about something like Rubberband that is implemented in Ardour.

Panther Cap is terrific, speed and pitch are separate controls like the granular gods intended.

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