harmonaig: is it a bug or do i miss something

image From what I read in manual and watched on youtube I thought that harmonaig with diatonic button disabled should provide chords based on the scale i selected with buttons. As one can see, I get F while it’s disabled in the scale (instead of F# I expected). Did I misunderstand something?

You also have to choose the right Scale via the Modal Selection in the right-click menu. I guess it is on Ionian, so what you see is the minor third of the second chord of the ionian scale. If I am correct, you set up a Lydian Scale to quantise to, so choose that from the drop down menu and you will be all right.

These are my presets I use for setting up harmonaig: Select a preset and after that select the right Scale in the right click menu:

Aeolian#7.vcvm (2.5 KB) Aeolian.vcvm (2.5 KB) Dorian#4.vcvm (2.5 KB) Dorian.vcvm (2.5 KB) Ionian#5.vcvm (2.5 KB) Ionian.vcvm (2.5 KB) Locrian#6.vcvm (2.5 KB) Locrian.vcvm (2.5 KB) Lydian#2.vcvm (2.5 KB) Lydian.vcvm (2.5 KB) Mixolydian.vcvm (2.5 KB) Phrygian#3.vcvm (2.5 KB) Phrygian.vcvm (2.5 KB) SuperLocrian.vcvm (2.5 KB)

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The scale is only for the root note.