Harmonaig chord quality external cv controlling problem

Welcome to the community. I contacted the developer last year and they assured me the Harmonaig quirks are by design to match the quirks of their hardware module so that students will face some of the same challenges as in the hardware world… At least that is what I understood.

I emailed jason at some time too, I copied his answer to the forum. It was about: “I have to add 0.0001 V to the unquantized CV to get the harmonizer to work as I expect”.

howdy, has anyone gotten cv to work with the chord quality cv input?? does it work on the hardware modules?? im confused by the above response:

does this mean that this bug isnt likely to be addressed as its considered a desirable quirk??

a solution i thought of is to be able to remotely turn the chord quality knob using a system like patchmaster, tho as far as i understand it pm is exclusively manual control correct?? is there a way to remotely control knobs using cv?? i suppose midi map would be easiest

edit: just tried hooking up an lfo using cv->midicc then mapping it to the chord quality knob but no luck. i also tried this using cv->midi & patching an lfo into the mod wheel input but also no luck. i did successfully map a hardware knob using midimap… but my ultimate desire is to be able to use cv from within vcv rack

Hi Reina. I have not looked at this in a long time, but, I think it is safe to say that some things that seem like bugs to me will not be corrected in the VCV version as they they are considered by the developer to be features that need to match exactly the hardware modules, which are used by students in a class of some type.

If you have not, be sure to try Stoermelder’s uMap module. With it, you can CV control any parameter that is on a module panel, regardless of whether the parameter has a CV control input jack.

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thank you so much! umap is exactly what i needed. wonderful tool to have.

i also def understand wanting to have true representations of their hardware counterparts, but i wonder if this specific issue is considered to be one of those emulated quirks, whats even the point of having a cv input on either version of the module.

regardless, with umap in vcv i can now sequence all four tonal parameters of harmonaig (: which is very fun

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I contacted the developer about this a couple of years ago. So, they know about it but do not agree that it should be “fixed” or changed. It’s been too long for me to really remember the details. Others have also contacted the developer.

Yeah, uMap is one of my favorite modules. I use a voltage source such as AS Triggers MK1 to determine what CV’s are required to change the target module’s parameters to quantized values and I keep a record of those, as I d for modules that have CV control of parameters. I then do crazy things like build a sequencer that can sequence the uMap for a parameter.

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thats exactly what im doing here with harmonaig (:


Yes, the hardware module I have works exactly as stated in the manual. The difference in the software module is a bug, as far as I can tell. In the hardware, CV is summed with the knob position. There’s nothing quirky about its operation that I can see or hear. In VCV, the workaround of mapping CV to the knob is the way to go to use the module in the same way that the hardware might be used with CV input. Cheers!


I should add that I’m really happy to have this hardware module in the rack. I can’t say I’ve mastered it yet but that doesn’t matter. It’s so fun and so playable. It makes all of my hardware patches better. It’s also one of my favorite modules to stare at while it’s playing. I probably wouldn’t have it in hardware if I hadn’t learned about it in VCV Rack first.

I like what this hardware quantizer comparison chart says about its Transposition features: “It’s complicated” :joy:


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