hardware midi controlled software audio recorder?

It is something simple I’m looking for, it has nothing to do with rack. My google-fu left me, all I get is stupid top 10 lists of what I’m not looking for.

I’m looking for an simple audio recorder that I can control with midi hardware buttons (like cassette recorder). Audacity is too much for the task. Strange enough it also requires extra software for the midi things.

Is there such a thing?

(Alternative would be writing it myself with pysox or an audio lib plus some python midi.)

what OS are you using?

for Linux Luppp , lots of vcv rack modules allow you do that





to mention some of them

Thanks. Lupp looks too complex. As is Rack. OS’s are Win10 and FreeBSD

The whole set up would be 4 microphones going into a usb-audio-interface, connected to a PC in an other room. With each microphone there are the midi cassette recorder buttons. They also are connected to the audio interface. There’s no mixing or even gain setting involved.

I would do it with vcv rack, if I understand correctly.

just use a midi-cc or midi-gate module connected to a recording module…did I miss something?

Way to complex for what I need Alessandro. I actually don’t even need a GUI op the PC. I’m trying to write the ‘fit for use’ tool myself now. PyAudio (Portaudio) & Py-midi do the trick I hope. Then a simple Arduino, ESP8266 or Teensy based controller with a few knobs and buttons to send the proper commands.


then perhaps you are looking something like pure data it support midi and osc

With pyaudio I can record the input of my audio-interface to wav file and play it back. I can also wire the input to output to have live sound on the headphone.

With Py-midi or mido I can listen to (and send) MMC commands like play rec fwd set amount of tracks etc. Have to figure more about that though.

I have a working Arduino & midi library with two buttons for sending a start stop message.

It will take some time to tie it all together and make it rock solid.