Hardware Clones Library actual model list

Most of the hardware emulated in the Hardware Clones section of the VCV Library isn’t specified by the actual original name in the listed VCV Module description or in it’s help or on it’s website. Is this due to copyright constraints? It would be a real use for all VCV Rack users who want to make it easier to determine what model from hardware they want in VCV Rack that’s available in the library if list existed with the actual model names of the emulated modules. Can someone make a full list of all of the hardware that is emulated and put it on the web or post it as a reply? It’s easier than having to message each module designer for me.


Ok just tell me when it’s ready and post it as a reply or share the link when the time comes. I do note that almost all of the modules in Hardware Clones list the actual model they’re based on but it would be useful to also know the models that the other modules are loosely based on.

Is this still in progress ?