Hard Sync on XFX Wave

Wanted to sync two wavetable oscillators.

After disable/enable one of the XFX Wave, they should only be in sync by chance, and i would expect them to be in phase after sending a pulse to input # set to hard sync and the attenuator turned to 100% xfx_wave_sync.vcvs (18.7 KB)

But it ain’t working for me, no change when triggering “hard sync”

This Q got me playing with XFX Wave.

Did I do something wrong / misunderstood hard sync / found a known bug?

How would you sync two oscillators - for phase delay/shifting later?

Surge XT has “retrigger with phase=0” in the options menu, that lets you sync the oscillators.

But no phase offset /shift / rotate.

I think you need

for the second one (you can use just one osc and shift it), but my maths is not capable the figure out the formula to shift an incoming wave 90 degrees.(or if it can even be done)

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You can shift it with a delay:

If that would work for you?




With regards to the image above. If you set the Surge wavetable VCO octave to 0 (its currently -2) and set the VCV oct module to +1 octave, the wave should be 180 degrees out of phase.

Its important to know, with the setup above, that the OCT module does nothing to the pitch. It adjusts the phase. So +1 oct = 180 deg, +2 oct = 90 deg, + 3 = 45, etc.

Just in case anyone was wondering.

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