Hampton Harmonics Arp question

I’m using the Arp module with polyphonic output, but that setting doesn’t appear to save with the patch. Does this happen to anyone else or am I missing something?


Confirming your finding that the flag on ‘Polyphonic output’ is saved neither with the .vcv nor the .vcvs file.

I created a patch with Arp as the only module. When saving the .vcv with this menu item unchecked, everything is fine.

In contrast, when saving it being checked, I get the error below upon reloading. Then, when choosing ‘No’ (do not start over), the patch loads, but ‘Polyphonic output’ is unchecked.

Looks like some kind of bug in the module.

WIN10, x64, VCV Rack Pro 2.4.1

start over_20240324


It’s been 2 years since he visited here but maybe post a bug report here

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Thanks both of you! I get the same error opening the patch. So far it hasn’t been an issue other than having to reset the polyphonic output each time.

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