Hammond B3 emulation


Wow, this really sounds like a Hammond across the full keyboard range. Post a demo video!

Very cool and accurate sounding patch. I can’t seem to find Vult UtilKnobs, could you post a picture of the patch so I can see what you were doing with it?


Is there such a thing as a Organ VCO or is it just a Triangle wav patched to a tremolo.

Squinkylabs chebyshev?
Never mind - commented on my phone when I couldn’t see what was in the patch.

hah - thanks for the plug. But, while Cheby gets you pretty close for not much investments, it’s not a perfect emulation. For one thing, it helps to have the harmonics slightly out of tune like a real Hammond.

Here is my recent down and dirty trial - I have more complete patches with drawbar emulation and even drawbar presets, but they were pre-1.0 and I haven’t had much chance to patch lately.

Emulating drawbar setting: 00 4545 440
12 Bar Blues in G with quick change.

Love to collaborate if you want to.

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Is there a science to how much each harmonic is off in a Hammond? Can I just detune each one slightly?

It probably uses the premium version of Knobs, its including in the free version.

Yes, it’s determined by the number of teeth on the tone wheels. You can look the info up on the internet. I think it varies from key to key, so a) no, detuning each harmonic wouldn’t be exact, but would be much closer, and b) Cheby won’t let you detune each harmonic, although the Bogaudio will.

I tried switching to the Befaco Even VCO’s to get the fixed octave tuning, but they are not poly. Does anyone know of a fixed octave poly VCO?

Or is this part of what I am missing n\by not having Knobs available?

Before the release of 1.0 I was using Even vco’s which made the tuning of the Hammond’s tone wheels simple, but the patch was monophonic. After 1.0 the only polyphonic VCOs I found was VCV’ s.
The only function of Knobs is to control distortion and tremolo.

Knobs modules are used in this patch to control distortion and tremolo/chorus amount.

The Hammond organ is really just an additive synth using ‘pure’ sine waves.
The real heart of the Hammond is the tube amp distortion and of course the Lesley speaker which is really hard to emulate.

there is a polyphonic version of it:

Very cool, they seem to work like a charm for this, thanks!

Thanks Andrew,

I would love to do a video of this patch but my computer kind of sucks. Glitches horribly with video recording.

I replaced the tremolo with the Surge Rotary emulator, and the Spring Reverb with Plateau. Not saying it’s more authentic, but it sounds fantastic! Thanks for this!

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Your welcome scherbi! I haven’t tried the rotary simulator but I will. As for the reverb, the spring reverb seemed to give the sound a little bit more vintage style. Glad you enjoyed the patch.

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Totally try the surge rotary Jay - I had a makeshift modulation of both amplitude and pitch which sounded funky, but I prefer the surge.