Halloween music challenge

Make some spooky sounds! Here is my first entry:



Awesome! I think its safe to say you have taken the lead.

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I guess the deadline is Halloween?

Well Halloween is more of a year-long state of mind in my house, but yeah, I was thinking of mostly an October long challenge.

Lol. Okay, I’ve been missing the VCP so I might have a contribution here.

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I think you meant Spooktober* :grin:. I had a lot of fun making Halloween music last year ! I might try again this year, i hope it’ll put an end to my unproductive period hehe :slightly_smiling_face:

So I decided to try making some doomy drone metal. I’ve got the guitar sound (edit: I’m not playing actual guitar just trying to fake it) and the riff sorted out but I don’t really know how to turn it into a song. Partialy because I don’t really listen to drone metal. Any ideas?