Guitar Pedals With VCV Rack As Outboard Effects?

Hello all!

I’m pretty new here so apologies if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience in sending the output of VCV rack through physical guitar pedals such as reverb or delay for processing?

I’ve seen people do things like this in DAWs like Logic and Reaper by running the output of their audio interface through the pedal and a DI box back into the inputs of the Audio Interface, but I wasn’t sure if this kind of thing was possible in VCV Rack.

Thanks all!

Yes, this is absolutely possible. There are many tutorials out there but have to look for interfacing with eurorack. It is basically the same procedure as you use a hardware eurorack module or a guitar pedal.

Something like this:

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Thanks! I’ll check out that video. I hoped that would be the case.

I have a really great reverb pedal called Bloodmoon that would do some really far out things with the sequences I do in VCV Rack and I always like squeezing every bit of value out of my hardware if I can.