GUI developer wanted for a complex multi channel plugin (3D GUI, many parameters)

The algorithms inside my new plugin are finally working nicely but I am not happy with its current prototype style GUI. In particular, I think the main module needs 3D representations of what is going on inside it and high level control over its many parameters and modulation possibilities (I guess somewhere between 300-400 parameters and ~160 modulation inputs).

I would love to complete the plugin in cooperation with an experienced GUI developer because I think a good GUI is going to make the difference between something rather academic and hard to use and something that should be interesting for most users most of the time.

The plan is to make the plugin available in the VCV Rack store so that it should be possible to compensate you for your efforts, at least to a certain extent.

If you are interested, please send me a private message. Thanks!


what is 3D GUI?

I am happy that I have found someone and started working with him :slight_smile:

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We are talking about a 3D scene, showing objects in space. Like in computer games but of course not as detailed.

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I have a bit experience in video games and animations, zero experience with GUI design (except for helping drawing the graphics in the Vult modules all the GUI was designed by @modlfo ) but I m curious about your project , let me know if I can help and how

Thank you very much for your kind offer! Since the 3D scene is a visualisation of data inside the module, almost all of the work is going to be programming. Currently we are discussing to replace the 3D scene by 2D projections. That might be a better choice with regard to usability, too. However, there might be other graphic-intense projects in the future, and then I will be happy to get back to you :slight_smile:

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my job is at least 60% reverse engineering and creating 3d models/objects, I don’t fit in this project, just remember about me too if someone needs something :broccoli:

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