Grayscale: modules not installing

Despite my determined efforts, I can’t seem to get the Grayscale modules to install.

I’m running Rack V 1.1.0 on Win 7 Pro.

I’ve completely re-installed/uninstalled Rack to try to fix this.
(In fact, I ended up doing this multiple times because I couldn’t get Rack itself to launch after re-installing it from scratch. Turns out Bitdefender was blocking it’s access to my Documents folder. Once I granted access to my “protected folders”, it would launch successfully).

It isn’t listed in my “plugins-v1” folder, but according to my plugin library, it should be installed.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Grayscale is not yet available for Rack v1.

So it’s not just me then, thank you!

I guess I incorrectly assumed that all modules listed on the homepage would surely be.
I’m probably just being oblivious, but is there a way to know which are and aren’t compatible (yet)?

Maybe this thread might be useful to someone else if anyone else is running Bitdefender + VCV Rack? I can’t imagine I’m the only one doing this, but apparently no one else has written about running into this issue of Rack not launching because of antivirus software…

Rack v1 can only load plugins versioned 1.*. See for a list of plugins and their latest versions.

When i can’t run a software, first things i try are run as admin, and then disable antivirus for that program. But yeah might be useful to some people. You should rename your thread tho :wink:

Is there any sign when & if the Grayscale modules are ported to V1?