Grayscale Modules: 1.x Updates?

Andrew or Wes,

Any estimate as to when the Grayscale modules will be ready for Rack 1?


Andrew said in his San Francisco-Talk „in about a month“.

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One year later… about a month :wink:

We have the Permutation/Variant and Supercell incorporated into a 1.x compatible plugin now, but still need to fix a few bugs and add missing features to Algorhythm before it’s released.

Short demo of Permutation/Variant:


Will supercell include the Kammerl firmware?

Yes, the Supercell will include the “SuperParasites” firmware that is available for the hardware version, which includes the six modes from Parasites and the two modes from Kammerl.


The one at Third and Bryant? Were you there? (I was).

On the hardware Algorhythm, holding buttons 1 to 8 switches to one of eight unique gate patterns. Is this possible in the vcv port? I couldn’t get it to work. Omri’s video didn’t show this, he uses new duplicates for each.

I think this thread may have the answer:

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Thanks Marc.