Graphical Issues with VCV

What happened?

It’s traditional to use github to report bugs in VCV. And avoid acronyms for “obscene” words?


What happened? Maybe some Photoshop action.
This is obviously not a screenshot from the official build of VCV Rack.

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I suspect the “merge” module went rogue and infected the whole system :wink: @stoermelder : Gut erkannt

From my perspective, the questions are:

  • What happened before? Did you zoom in/out?
  • What’s your OS?
  • Do you use a dedicated GPU?

And at last:

  • Please tell us more about the vertical ‘rack’ on the right side of the screen.
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What is the added value of this post/thread?

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Oh people, i never thought this would be taken so seriously… The original title of this post was: “(censored acronym) went wrong ???” I must inform you that there is nothing wrong with my computer, or VCV for that matter. There are no alternative menu’s or vertical rackrails. There’s no modules named “urge” or “five view” either. It’s all fugazi, fictional, fake, photoshopped… I thought it might be a funny way to show some possible future modifications. Thinking it’s obviously not real and meant as a joke, i posted this in the “Lounge” section. Seeing it’s title changed to “Graphical issues with VCV” and moved to the more serious “VCV Rack” section was a bit of a shocker to me. Made me laugh a couple of minutes as well! I did not mean to upset anyone or anything like that. Anyways, kudos to @Ahornberg for his interest in a vertical rackrail and to @stoermelder for quickly suspecting fakery

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