Granular sampler module

I’m looking for a granular sampler similar to Nebulae v2 which you can see in action here:

I like the fact that it constantly plays without the need of a clock and it has a very “smooth” granular sound. Tried different modules but nothing seems to come close in terms of sound and ease of use.

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Found a cool free alternative:


In VCV Audible Instruments Texture (MI Clouds) and the various Voxglitch granular samplers (e.g.Ghost) are my go-to for the smooth side of granular.

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This might interest you as well Fairly complex / obscure plugin tho, but I do love it. It doesn’t save the audio in the buffer within the plugin preset. So when you reload the patch or daw project - you have to refill the audio. Plugin parameters stay the same tho.