Granular looping

Hello there, I have been looking at different Zoia patches on Patchstorage and one of them was doing ‘granular looping’, is there any modules that would achieve this, unfortunately I have not heard any audio, so I can’t describe the sound of this effect. There are plenty of loopers in VCV Rack now, so that’s not a problem, I am looking for a patch set for the granular part. Thanks for your time all you Rackers.

Dunno. Check out Granulator from Frequency Domain, load up a sample or 8, maybe add some live inputs and have some granular fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks Eric, I will give your module a good run and see what I can do with the looping part as well. Also what does your PLL do, I put into a patch and it got buried in amongst the others. Much appreciate you taking time to message me.

Further developments, I found 2 YouTube video with ‘Granular looping’ style Zoia pedals. See what you all think of the possibilities in Rack.

Empress ZOIA Guitar Demo – Granular Ghosts - YouTube

Empress ZOIA vs MultiFX Pedals (explained with simple patches) - YouTube

It’s based/inspired by Doepfer’s phase locked loop eurorack module with a few more features - its documentation can explain what it does better than me :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll head over to the manual section. Going to have a go with your Granular module as well.

one thing to note with the Granulator is that at least one input (there can be up to 16 samples and 16 live inputs, so 32) needs to have a “weight” (there is a grid for this), or you won’t hear anything - basically a weight of 0, means there is a 0% chance you will hear that input, anything else gets contributed to the weighted probability of a particular input being chosen for a grain

Thanks for the info, true once I had cottoned on to the grain weight, the sounds came spewing out in all their randomness, truly beautiful! Thanks for creating all these marvellous modules!