Granular Filter - an emulation of the Klavis Grainity Eurorack module

I ran across this video about the new Klavis Grainity granular filter module. It was to have been released, but there were some quality control problems in some of the components, so it has been delayed.

The concept seems similar to some experiments I ran with my Venom modules, swapping left and right channels at audio rates, using the audio signals themselves to trigger the swapping.

So I decided to see if I could emulate the functionality of the Grainity module using VCV Rack free modules. I think the emulator turned out great, though I haven’t bothered to provide a demo showing how it can sound. There are so many possible textures available, I struggled deciding what to demo, and ended up producing nothing :woozy_face:

I hope someone can find some use for this emulation patch - and please share the results here if you do!