Granular delay modules for guitar pedal sound

Anyone know of any good Granular modules that will combine nicely with a delay module that will produce sounds like these:

Red Panda Particle 2 Granular Delay and Pitch Shifter Pedal - Andertons Music Co.

@almostEric Isn’t this in your wheelhouse?

Yep :slight_smile:

Check out grains of wrath. Probably doesn’t do everything this pedal does, but lots of overlap

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Frozen wasteland portland weather is another one. Also any of the modules that are like mutable clouds (audible texture synthesizer, voxglitch grain fx, grayscale supercell). wrong people tourette is a bit less intuitive than those other ones but i like it.

Thanks Eric, just using Grains of Wraith in my patch now. How will it react with Your Spectral delay module? I will give that a try as well.

Thanks, Portland Weather is another to try in another patch, also any of those mutable clouds clones would work. Not really tried Wrong People Tourette but it might throw some interesting options in the mix. Have you any patch examples of it in use. Much Appreciated.

They will explode violently :joy:


I’ve made tons of granular guitar FX patches! I’m confused though, you need to specify exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Is this for actual guitar, or just a similar effect to those devices which happen to be in guitar pedal format? The picture is a Microcosm, but the link is for the Particle pedal. I watched the video on Particle, and it does a lot of different effects, so it depends which one you want. For the stuttering/micro-looping repeat thing, try some of the Nysthi samplers and randomly trigger the record input at quite a high rate (for example a square wave LFO into Simpliciter, and FM the rate with Caudal). Do you have the Host module? It’s paid, but lets you run free VST plugins, and there are quite a few good granular ones. Soundhack Bubbler++ is a favourite of mine (loads of this with Portland Weather on the guitar at the start of this track:, and Fracture/Hysteresis from Glitchmachines, Argot Lunar, R-Mem Granulator are all worth a go. In Rack, you can get granular delays from Chronoblob if you switch the time modulation mode to the right and vary the delay times. VoxGlitch Grain FX is great for this too, but the best one IMO is a paid module called Instant Delay from Unfiltered Audio. I need to revisit Grains of Wrath and spend some more time on it, because I haven’t got a sound I liked out of it yet for guitar (sorry Eric!). Probably too many features for my tiny brain. The piece I’m working on at the moment uses two Clouds, one on each channel and slightly pitch shifted for a kind of stereo granular chorus, then fed into an Instant Delay on each side to stretch it and mess it up even more. It gets fairly crazy but anyway, if you can describe what you want I probably have a patch already, or something I can adapt.

Obviously that what I was worried about!!!. You do have a sense of humour, your picture looks so stern!!!

Thanks for the reply. Initially I was looking for a generic Granular Guitar style pedal but within VCV Rack, so been using Vult Vraids as a guitar sound generator. Microcosm is a very good example of the type of sound I was aiming for. Red Panda link actually had audio so that was why I choose that. Stuttering/micro-looping does sound interesting. I was trying to get all the different settings of Microcosm, but not got there yet! The info you provided will help a lot. I do have Host, got it in the sale! I have put Vraids through Ursus Lagrange granular delay, that provides good grainy sounds. Thanks for your time. Any template patches you could share would be very helpful. Thanks.

Guitar IN - Grain FX 2.0.vcv (52.9 KB)

Here’s a fairly simple one by my standards - just swap the inputs to a module of your choice. My patches are all set up for live input.

Thanks I have tried this one, but only got 5 of 8 channels to record audio using Nysthi Multitrack recorder. Also the Grainfx modules soon goes into the ‘RED’ even when they are trimmed back, that’s not your fault obviously. Also the Shephard Tone Octaver patch I created works fine within VCV Rack for me using my guitar source modules, so not sure why you only got white noise out of it when you tried it.