Hello guys,

just bought this great plugin to use it in VCV rack Host module.

Unfortunately after about 10 seconds it got buggy and the graphic start glitching.

Reported this to the developer (James).

It was so nice to help me but he ended up telling is a VCV Host bug.

Here is his reply:

“This looks clearly like the OpenGL context is being corrupted. Unfortunately we have seen this issue a few times, typically it occurs when a buggy OpenGL plugin is used inside Freestyle, but here it seems rather that VCV is at fault. This explains why it happens on both OSX and windows platforms and only in VCV. As you say, its not your graphics card. So im afraid you will need to report this to VCV. Please inform them the following: It appears VCV is either not ‘making current’ its OpenGL context before every access OR they are trying to run OpenGL in a background thread (which simply cannot work in a shared OpenGL environment). As a workaround on Windows, you can switch Granite to the Direct3D driver. This should avoid the conflict with VCV. For now there is no alternative renderer on OSX, although we plan to Metal in an upcoming version. best”

It happens both on windows and OSX

Could You help me guys?

This is my windows configuration

Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.19043 CPU i5 9600K Motherboard: MSI Z390 A PRO 32 gb ram ddr 4 Graphic card RTX 3080

This is how to report an issue with VCV Rack

VCV Manual - Bugs and Features (

Ok thanks I will do as soon as I finish work💪

For one interested.

Andrew found the bug and has already fixed it.

Working in the next VCV HOST update.


It’s in the library now :slight_smile: