GPU Requirements.

Hi, I am new to the community. I’m slowly but surely beginning on my journey to modular. VCV Rack is the first step. Any recommendation on the GPU requirements? Do I get more out of the VCV Rack by using a heavier GPU? Do you have any preference AMD or NVidia? Any help will be highly appreciated. I’m on Wintel, and I sequence in the latest Ableton. Thanks in advance.

Every non-integrated GPU should work. There is no requirement for the GPU as long as it is a dedicated card and works fine with your existing setup. I prefer NVIDIA, but that’s purely based on my memories of AMD driver-issues 10 or so years ago… AMD may be a little less evil, but both are big companies, so…

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Any midrange gpu will be more than enough. Nvidia and mad are both fine. Just avoid low end intel integrated graphics. You won’t get more with a bigger gpu. More CPU helps, but as far as gpu you just need to be ok so your computer doesn’t overheat.


Just so new Mac users that stumble on this aren’t confused - that refers to Windows machines. The integrated GPU in the Apple M1 works wonders.